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A funny thing about many Boulder neighborhoods is that over time, different ideas develop about what the boundaries are for the area we think we know.
If you’re interested in Boulder real estate and want to know more about different neighborhoods, I’m offering this as a resource, and I’ve compiled information from a variety of different sources.

Here’s a short video tour of my thoughts on the Whittier neighborhood below. There’s also a useful map and additional information here below the map!

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I’ve lived in many different parts of Boulder. The Whittier neighborhood is one of them. When you drive around the downtown area many people think only of the vicinity of Boulder near Whittier Elementary as the true Whittier neighborhood.

The City of Boulder data says that the Whittier neighborhood encompasses the residential sections of Boulder between Bluff Street to the North, 28th Street to the East, Canyon Boulevard to the South, and Broadway to the West.

That’s a pretty large area and most of us consider those parts of downtown something other than ‘Whittier’. With all the changes and developments in the central Boulder area, it’s probably more useful to talk about Whittier as the eastern part of central Boulder from about 18th or 19th streets eastward over to 28th Street as a maximum eastern boundary.

One of the cool things about the Whittier neighborhood is that it’s home to Whittier Elementary School, which is the oldest continuing operating school in the state. It’s also an International Baccalaureate school.

I have a friend that grew up in Boulder and went to Whittier Elementary. I’m pretty sure one or both of his parents went there. I know that his kids went to school at Whittier Elementary, and even though he and parts of his family have lived in other parts of the country, he has lived in the Whittier neighborhood for the last decade or two… in the home that his grandparents owned since he was a child. Now that’s some local history and connection.

Besides having friends in the Whittier area, I’ve helped both buyers and sellers in this neighborhood over the years. If you think you might need some help with real estate in Whittier, why not call or email me soon so we can talk about what you’re planning?

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