The Walnut Revisited

The Walnut Development in downtown Boulder continues to make progress, and the expectation is that the first units will be ready for occupancy in the next two to four weeks.

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With almost half of the development already sold, it’s become some exciting times for Jon Brandon and all the folks at The Walnut.

In this tour, we have several things for you, all of which I think will give you a nice idea of how special this downtown Boulder property is when compared to other downtown developments.

There’s a nice look at the inside of one of the finished homes, which includes a look at the custom cabinetry, luxurious bathroom finish work, some amazing natural light solutions and views. The interior design is by award winning architect Mark Harbeck.

I take you back to the courtyard for a fresh look at the progress in there. The walkways are finished and all the snow melt systems are in place. Soon we’ll see another big transition as the plants go in. That will certainly have to wait a month or two as we get out of the colder months. Don’t forget that there’s going to be an Aspen grove among all the other luscious living things scheduled for this wonderful feature at The Walnut.

The orientation of the courtyard and the north building assures a unique aspect of the development. With the careful thought that went into this part of the architecture, you get a very meaningful use of the space both inside and out, which assures that homes in the north part of the development get great light penetration.

Another feature of The Walnut is the work done to provide isolation of each home. Whether it’s a Sky-Home, Penthouse or another variation on the great floor plans available, you get the benefit of acoustic engineers who have designed the entire development for maximum sound isolation and privacy.

I know that you likely are also wondering about the green building features. We know that the development is going to be LEED Platinum certified, and many of you have asked what kind of details bring that sort of designation.

One of the green building features is the use of a central boiler system. This is what the developer calls “Responsible Development”. Besides the economies of all that go into using a central boiler system, it also frees up the roof areas so that this part of the development can be reserved for solar photo voltaic systems. The Walnut has the capacity to hold up to 35Kw of photo voltaic for its residents.

The use of the ‘green roof’ is a green feature as well. By covering one of the roof areas with indigenous succulents, the net effect will be a reduction in the ‘urban heat island effect’.

We also get up onto the living roof on this tour. Or, more appropriately we get you up on what will soon be the living roof.

I still say though, that in order to appreciate everything The Walnut has to offer, you’d do well to get a private tour of the property. Call or email me if you’d like to set up a time to see how beautiful this new luxury development really is in person.
-Zachary Epps, full-time RE/MAX professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®

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