The Effects Of Over Pricing

  1. The wrong prospects look at the property, if any look at all. People not only
    buy in price ranges, they also look in those ranges.
  2. Buyers’ agents showing your home don’t want to lose credibility with their
    buyers by showing them overpriced listings.
  3. Buyers’ agents know from experience that fair offers on overpriced properties
    are often rejected.
  4. Buyers are often embarrassed to make offers considerably below the list price.
  5. The property may become overexposed and shopworn. Buyers’ agents and
    potential buyers begin to assume there is something wrong with the property.
  6. Even subsequent price reductions do not regain the lost attraction. Many
    qualified buyers who inspect overpriced listings decide at that point to
    eliminate the property from consideration—now and in the future.
  7. When buyers see that a property has been on the market for a long period, they
    assume they can get a bargain. Extremely low offers are likely.


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