Working for you as your Boulder Realtor, one of the ways I help you is I will assist you in preparing your home for sale and to make your home “parade ready.”

We live in homes one way, but we market them in another. Just as builders recognize that a clean, pleasantly decorated model home enables them to enhance the appeal of the homes they are building and selling, staging your home to enhance its appeal will give you a competitive edge against other Boulder real estate homes on the market.
Bringing in a staging consultant with an objective and professional opinion gets you the guidance and support you need to help prepare and present your home so that it appeals to the broadest market and is attractive to the most buyers possible that are searching to buy Boulder real estate. A “parade ready” home sells more quickly for more money.

As your Boulder Realtor, I provide, at my expense, a staging consultation. This includes a comprehensive analysis of your property and a report to guide you so you can prepare your home to appeal to the largest number of buyers. Additionally, my staging consultant can provide hands-on assistance to make the changes if you choose not to do the work yourself while preparing your property for marketing.

The data suggests that staged homes sells for approximately seven to nine percent more and are often on the market only 40 to 50 percent as long when compared to un-staged homes in the Boulder real estate market.

For vacant property, complete staging, including furniture and accessory placement, is available at an additional cost. I have examples of this in my pre-listing packet. If you think you’re serious about selling and want to meet face to face, I’ll have one of my pre listing packets delivered to you before we meet.

Meanwhile, here are a few great tips on creating an atmosphere that will charm buyers and make them want to buy your home. You may find that some of these ideas appear in your personal staging analysis, too! Remember that you’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression and first impressions are what count! Follow these simple tips and gain the competitive edge that may help you sell your property more quickly. Many of these tips come courtesy of Jessica Hughes at Ambiance Staging. I have used her service on many, many of my listings and even had some buyers hire her firm to help with home decorating and furniture arrangement after or during their move into their new home. You can check out her website for more great information.

Outside the Property:

  • During the winter, ensure that the driveway and walkway to the home are clear of snow
    and ice.
  • Edge the lawn along the driveway and walkways (front and back) for a neat appearance.
  • Trim all shrubbery and remove dead and low-lying tree limbs.
  • Seed, aerate, and fertilize the lawn (springtime) for green grass. If possible, add
    some color to the front of the house with potted or hanging plants. Red, yellow, and
    purple are vibrant colors that brighten the exterior of the home.
  • Keep weeds in check! Be sure to water your lawn regularly during the summer
    to keep the grass green. Mow weekly.
  • Replace old gutters and downspouts, and ensure proper drainage away from the home.
    Remove debris from gutters and downspouts. Wash debris off the roof and jetwash the
    exterior of house to remove dirt and cobwebs.
  • Paint any surface that is blistering or peeling. Re-stain decking that looks worn.
  • The front door is critical. If the door is old, consider investing in a new door. Otherwise,
    give it a fresh coat of paint or re-stain it to create a clean first impression.
  • Polish or replace house numbers. Ensure that your house number is easily readable from
    the street. A new mailbox/exterior light may be in order if they are dated or tarnished.
  • Place new, colorful doormats at all entrances to the home and keep the porch swept.

Inside the Property:

  • Start by airing your home. Most people are turned off by the slightest odor. Odors
    must be eliminated, especially those caused by dogs and cats, soiled diapers, and/or
  • Paint rooms that have not been painted recently for a fresh, clean look. Go for warm
    neutral colors such as beige, moss green, or light terra cotta. Consider painting one
    wall a shade darker for accent.
  • Have the carpeting and window coverings professionally cleaned. If the carpeting is
    worn or looks dated, it is best to have it replaced.
  • Make sure all lights work and have bulbs. Clean or replace light-switch cover plates
    and electrical outlet covers. Consider updating light fixtures, especially in the kitchen
    and dining room.
  • Fix leaky faucets, and consider replacing bathroom/kitchen hardware. This is one of
    the lowest cost improvements that make a big impression.
  • Clean the glass in windows and doors inside and out.
  • MAKE BEDS DAILY! You never know when there might be a showing. Clean,
    white bedspreads are best. A few extra pillows on the bed makes the room much
    more inviting.
  • Bathrooms: keep toilet seats down! Put out matching towels and hand towels, deep
    clean toilets, sinks and bathtubs/showers. Replace old caulking in tubs and showers.
  • De-clutter! Remove books from bookshelves, pack the knick-knacks. Put essential
    items in baskets for easy storage and easy access when needed. Keep kitchen counters
    clean, and free from clutter, including toasters, coffee makers and knife blocks.
  • Re-arrange pantries and closets and thin down so they are uncluttered. Line up shoes
  • Remove excess furniture and boxes in the garage and basement. Ensure free movement
    in all rooms, and no cramped spaces.
  • Rent a storage unit or a PODS to store the excess in the interim.
  • Clear out remaining items in basement and garage to maximize the open feeling of
    unused space.
  • Depersonalize. Remove all but a few family photos. Consider removing religious

A Few More Suggestions:

  • If you have limited counter space in the kitchen, keep unnecessary items put away.
  • Keep children’s toys out of the front yard, off sidewalks, and away from the front
  • Clean the ashes out of the fireplace.
  • Make sure that any pull-down staircases are working correctly. Be sure that there is a
    light in the attic.
  • If you have a pool, it needs to be sparkling and free of leaves.

For Those Willing To Go The Extra Mile:

  • If your house is the least bit dated, change the wallpaper in the entry, kitchen, or
    bathrooms, and replace outdated light fixtures. These things will greatly add to your
    home’s desirability.
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on interior and/or exterior walls where needed.
  • New appliances in the kitchen can be an exciting feature that can actually make the
    difference in a buyer choosing your home over another.

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