Pricing Risks and How to Avoid Them

The Role of your Boulder Realtor in Pricing

  • There is no “exact price” for real estate
  • We don’t tell you what we think your home is “worth”
  • The market determines value – together we determine price.
  • We will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area.
  • You determine the price based on the factors you control:
  1. Market Time
  2. Financing Alternatives Provided
  3. Condition of the Property
  4. Exposure Methods

The Real Value of Your Home Is Based on Facts

A good Boulder REALTOR®will show you the facts to help you establish the right selling price for your home. The most revealing fact is the prices buyers have been willing to pay for homes similar to yours. These are called comparable sales and are available to every Boulder REALTOR in our area.Don’t select your agent based on the price he/she says your home will sell for; the agent you choose isn’t buying your home; your agent is responsible for selling your home.Unfortunately, a homeowner will often select the agent who quotes the highest price. An agent who understands this will tell a seller an inflated price to get the listing.The agent who is willing to list your house at the highest price is the least likely to get your home sold for top dollar. An agent who knowingly takes an over priced listing usually plans to start “working on you” to get a series of price cuts. The problem, besides your frustration and feelings of betrayal, is that all the other agents quickly decide your home is an “overpriced burden” and won’t consider showing it. You have to lower your price below fair market value to get the other agents to think of it as a good value! The result is that your home takes longer to sell and you get less money.The secret to getting the most money and the quickest sale with the fewest problems is to price your home properly. The facts are available and they are clear and convincing. The best way to select a Boulder REALTOR is to find the person with the best strategy for marketing your home.

Even with careful market analysis, it may be necessary to adjust the price after the initial listing to find the market. In an effort to not let the listing become stale, we must be very sensitive to the market response and move quickly.

Please contact me directly if you want my full pre-listing information packet so you can get all the details on how my 10/10/30 pricing plan works to fine tune the pricing on your home to find the true market price and get your home sold!

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