Pre-Inspection and Repairs

As your Boulder Realtor representing you as a Seller’s Agent, I will have the major systems in your house inspected to detect necessary repairs,
reducing the risk of negotiating surprises and to make the transaction smoother. These
inspections are part of my service to you.
By having your home pre-inspected before it is listed on the market, you can potentially
save thousands of dollars and a lot of time spent in negotiation. Simply, as your Boulder Realtors I suggest that we have the inspection
done immediately after we have a listing agreement, then make any necessary repairs
to items found in the report before we market the house. The buyer will see that the repairs
have already been made.
There are two points in the process that are typically very emotional:

  • The high of getting an acceptable contract offer and being under contract.
  • The low of getting the inspection notice and inspection report from a buyer.

I find it critical to the sale to do what we can to remove the potential emotional low of
being surprised by a buyer’s negative inspection notice and report.

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