Orangeburg Sewer Line Inspection

Ever heard of Orangeburg Sewer lines? Here’s one that needs a little help. Actually the home inspector, Jeff Lyons at A-Pro Home Inspection, and the plumber who reviewed this video on site, said it needs to be replaced after seeing the evidence.

I always recommend that buyers take certain precautions when under contract to buy a house, and Jeff at A-Pro Home Inspection seems to have great ideas and great advice every time. In the case of an older home like this one, which was built in the late 1800’s I think it’s essential to get a sewer line inspection as a part of the overall home inspection.

Here’s the video of that inspection, which resulted in a settlement for my buyer where the seller agreed to pay for replacement of the line from the house to the city sewer in the alley. Have some patience, it takes a few moments to load but if you want to see the real trouble stick through it to the end.

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