Managing Contract Dates and Deadlines

Transaction Management

  • I will personally manage the details of your transaction. This ensures that your contract to sell your Boulder real estate closes on time so you can get where you are going on time.

Weekly Contact

  • I will contact you weekly in some fashion to ensure you know on a regular basis what’s going on. You get an update on progress of the marketing of your home and we have the opportunity to review your questions.


  • The buyer may or may not choose to give you an inspection notice. The buyer also has the option to cancel the contract before the Inspection Objection Deadline by submitting an Inspection Notice and simply indicating that they wish to cancel. No reason is required. If there’s no inspection notice sent before the Inspection Objection Deadline, we keep moving forward with the contract to sell your Boulder real estate without any change. If you get an inspection notice (it will come to my office and I’ll notify you as I did when the original offer came in), you have some options. You may make the requested repairs, refuse to make the repairs, or offer some alternative resolution such as a credit of some amount of money to the buyer at closing. It’s entirely up to you and we can discuss it in detail when you’re ready.

Closing The Transaction and Finalizing the Sale

  • I will attend the closing of the sale of your Boulder real estate with you to ensure that you get the support you need through the very last step of the process. That’s my job as your Boulder Realtor and professional real estate advisor. When the transaction is complete, I’ll put all of your documents on an archival CD ROM to make it easy for you for future reference and storage.

Your Needs


Your Role

Tasks to Prepare For Market

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