Local Builders

In my Local Builders section, I’ll outline different builders in the Boulder area that stand out to me. While my profession as a Boulder Realtor gives me some connection and insight about what builders are doing, I take the time to occasionally look deeper to get a clearer understanding of what is really behind the product a builder is offering and how they’re trying to influence the Boulder real estate marketplace.

It might be that a builder is new to town, perhaps doing some innovative work or that the work a particular builder has done has some historical significance. As a Boulder Realtor, I’ve seen a fair number of builders bring their talents to our city and I’d like to share with you both my opinion of their products and what they have to say themselves.

I think that it can be interesting to learn what makes a builder choose a particular direction, product to bring to the real estate market or architectural style. As this is also a dynamic topic, there will likely continue to be changes as I report on different builders and how they impact the Boulder real estate market. Shoot me an email if you’d like to know more about a local Boulder builder or developer that isn’t yet here.

Markel Homes

Markel Homes is a family owned business in Boulder county since 1973. The Markel product line has had an emphasis on green building for many years, and even long before is was part of the buzz in the building and real estate community. With a commitment to the smart decision to build with the environment in mind, as well as your comfort and your wallet, Markel became a member of Built GreenĀ® Colorado and also recently included Energy StarĀ® certification.

I’ve found Markel to be at the top of the game in many respects, but certainly in terms of the quality of the products they bring to the community. Their responsiveness to the demands of the marketplace and what buyers are truly looking for in a home has been quite impressive.

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