House Hunting

How Do I Find The Right Home?

House hunting in the Boulder real estate market is a logical and sometimes systematic process I have experienced over and over again. As you turn corners and discover new questions along the way, you can count on me as your Boulder Realtor for expert guidance.

After determining how much home you can afford in Boulder real estate, I can begin to search for properties that meet your specific requirements. Square footage, geographic area, price, terms, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and type of parking or garage are just some of the many criteria I can use to search for Boulder real estate in the MLS on-line system.

There will be several different steps we can take to find suitable homes for you to look at and to get inside. As your Boulder Realtor, I’ll initially set up a personal website for you that shows you all the Boulder real estate properties for sale that meet your criteria. You’ll get an e-mail any time there are new listings or price changes so you’ll know to check your website for the details. When you find homes that you think you’ll want to see in person, save them to your favorites for future reference.

If you’ve been considering more than one area or neighborhood in the Boulder real estate market, it’s a good idea to make a personal visit at different times of the day to see if the area meets your lifestyle needs and Boulder real estate investment requirements.

When you see an appealing piece of Boulder real estate, and there are many… please contact me to set up a showing appointment. As your Boulder Realtor, I’ll arrange appointments for us to visit several homes on one day if that meets your scheduling needs. Generally, we’ll meet either at my Boulder real estate office or near one of the properties and ride together in my vehicle. This gives us an opportunity to talk and for me to listen to your thoughts about the homes we view. Also, consider the following when we’re out together or when you’re checking out a particular neighborhood: Is the home on a busy street? Is there suitable parking? How close are schools, shopping, and entertainment? When you’re looking for an investment in real estate, Boulder is a great place to consider.

Feel free to go back at another time of day to see how things change. Also, let me know if you think you want to go back inside a particular home again and as your Boulder Realtor, I’ll arrange it as soon as possible.

In addition, if new construction is something you might be interested in, I will tour new home subdivisions to get an idea of what is available that meets your needs. Having a buyer’s representative when purchasing newly constructed homes from a builder can be very useful. One of the risks associated with new construction purchases is that builders Boulder real estate are not regulated by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and they do not have to use Colorado Real Estate Commission approved forms and contracts. The documents are often written very heavily in favor of the builder. While it’s unlikely that we can get the contents of their documentation changed, buyers often feel more comfortable knowing that they have a professional Boulder real estate broker on their side.

Overall, don’t be surprised if the first home you see is the perfect one for you, and don’t be discouraged if none of those you visit the first day is what you want. As your Boulder Realtor and personal real estate advisor, I am committed to finding the one property that you want to call “HOME” and I will work diligently for you considering any piece of Boulder real estate until we find it!

As we walk through homes, feel free to open cabinets and closets. If the appliances are to be included, check their condition. Most often the Sellers will be absent, but should they be present, they will understand your need to examine the home carefully. If the home appeals to you, make notes. It’s easy to forget details. I’ll provide you with printouts and a showing guide for this purpose.


I know that there will be times when you find yourself exploring on your own to see what you can find. Here are a few thoughts to help you through the process:

1. Call Us For Appointments: Never call the owner of a listed property directly. We must work through the listing Realtor. Remember, it’s customary to give the seller at least 24hours notice for a showing because they need time to prepare the home and be “out of the way”. Never look at a house with another Realtor without talking to me first… with the exception of open houses. If you go to an open house without me, please give the agent at the open house one of my cards and let him(her) know that I represent you as your Boulder Realtor. This is the best way to empower me to protect your interests.

2. Let me know if the search criteria on your website needs to be changed. I can update the search easily whenever you like.

3. Drive by and check out the neighborhoods. Talk to neighbors and see what’s going on in the areas you like… then call us to make arrangements to show you any homes that interest you.

4. and other internet resources: Feel free to check out anything you like on the web that you think might reveal a home that suits your needs. If you find something interesting in the Boulder real estate market forward it to my email or call me and I’ll get us inside. The search tool I build for you should catch everything on the market, but I love working with people who enjoy taking action on their own, too!

5. For Sale Signs: If you see a For Sale sign by another company on a home and want to know the price, call me or e-mail me and I’ll give you detailed information about the home. If the home is in your price range, and meets your criteria, I’ll arrange a showing.

6. For Sale By Owners: If you like what you see (you’ve driven by the home) call me with the phone number listed on the yard sign and the address I can find out specific information about the property, contact the owners, and request additional information they have available on the home. If you and I conclude that the home meets your requirements, I’ll set up a showing.

7. Open House: On weekends feel free to visit open houses held by other Realtors. While open houses are trending out of style in the Boulder real estate market, there are still some to be found. When you walk in the door, give them one of my cards and tell them you are working with me as your Boulder Realtor. Remember, they are representing the seller and exposing the property to the public to sell the home, I represent you as your personal advisor and Boulder Realtor… and if you agreed to give me the privilege, your buyer’s agent. If you are interested in the home, try to keep your thoughts to yourself so that you don’t give the Seller’s agent too much information that may disclose or weaken your position if we begin to negotiate a contract for this property. Then contact me as soon as possible.

8. What to Say: Should you talk with another agent, always tell him/her that you’re working with Zachary Epps your Boulder Realtor. You will then be given information without having to answer lots of questions and they won’t pester you.

9. I’m on your side. Above all, please keep in mind that I represent you and your interests if we’ve agreed to a Buyer Agency relationship; and everything I do is oriented to your specific needs and interests. My number one objective as your Boulder Realtor is to get you where you need to go on time while you work towards your goal of purchasing Boulder real estate. Your needs are my paramount concern.

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