Events And Timing

1. Initial Planning session: 1-2 hours

2. Pre-qualify with a lender: phone call

3. Inspecting potential properties: however long it takes…

4. Writing the offer: 1-2 hours

5. Negotiating the offer to the fully executed contract status: 1-5 days

6. Managing the contract and escrow process through closing the sale by meeting all conditions: usually 3 to 5 weeks

During this time, the following events usually take place:

  • -Loan application, Qualification, Verification and Commitment
  • -Title Analyzed adn Title Insurance Commitment Obtained
  • -Professional Inspection completed and, if necessary, repairs made or contract re-negotiated
  • -Improvement Location Certificate completed by Surveyor
  • -Property Appraised
  • -Hazard Insurance secured by buyer

7. Closing: Buyer exchanges cash (usually down payment via certified or cashier’s check plus loan proceeds) for Seller’s warranty deed: about 1 hour

8. Move In!

My job as your Boulder Realtor is to see to it that all the above are completed as efficiently and effectively as possible. During this time as your Buyer’s Agent, I will act as your advocate and advisor. If you have any questions about anything, please call or e-mail me.

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