Thanks for checking out the communities area of my site. You can see several different looks at the Boulder community through my Boulder Condos, Boulder Neighborhoods and Local Builders sections.

The links at left will guide you through a closer look at what you’re interested in around Boulder. I spend extra time reviewing and updating the content on these pages so that you’ll get a good idea what’s happening in Boulder.

The Boulder Condos link will show you more in depth information on specific Boulder Condominium projects around town. I continue to explore and report on both historic Boulder condo projects as well as some that are fairly new and even those under construction. If you’re searching for information on Boulder condos this is a great place to start looking or certainly worth adding to your list of places to come back to as you develop a desire for up to date info on Boulder Colorado Condos and townhomes.

The Boulder Neighborhoods link is a great place for you to learn more about neighborhoods around Boulder. Kind of like the name says! Here you’ll get a closer look at what you might expect to need to know when you’re considering how to compare different parts of town. Table Mesa, Dakota Village, Whittier, Old Town East, Downtown, Newlands, Mapleton Hill, The Hill, Chautauqua, Gunbarrel, Martin Acres or Keewayden… I’ll give you insight as to the trends on many parts of town. Things like: are prices going up or down, have they closed the neighborhood elementary school recently, is there shopping within walking distance, is there a lot of ‘infill’ new construction going on and similar topics.

The Local Builders link is a handy starting place if you want to learn more about local builders in the Boulder area. From large to small builders, green builders, solar emphasis, affordable, sustainable, new to town, or well established. You’ll see a refreshing and insightful look at what you need to know so that whether you’re thinking of picking a custom builder to help you with that dream home in the foothills, help with a tear-down and rebuild, or even if you simply want to know something about the track record of a builder connected to a home or project you’re looking to move into; this section of my sight should help you learn more about the builder you already know or to find out about one you hadn’t yet considered.

The content and information will continue to change as I share with you my knowledge about Boulder. I’ll also investigate Boulder condo projects, Boulder neighborhoods, and local Boulder builders as time goes on. If you have a particular project, neighborhood or builder you want to know more about and don’t see it here yet, let me know… it may be on my list or I’ll get it on my list for an update here in the near future.