Boulder Condos at The Walnut

You may have been wondering about the progress at some Boulder condos called The Walnut. Well, the wait is over.

I met with Jon Brandon from Morgan Creek Ventures about a week ago, and he gave me a tour of The Walnut. I want you to see the tour that we put together for you.

If you like what you see in this tour I made for you, and you’re interested in arranging a private tour of your own to pick out your new home at The Walnut, call or email me and I’ll get you inside for a personal and up close look at this very unique and beautiful development.
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Two tid-bits I got from Jon about his project are that he’s including many green building techniques, and also that he brought a term with him from Chicago called the “Sky Home”.

You can see in my tour here some of the advantages of a building that emphasizes maximizing views, light, and luxurious living.

This is a very unique condominium project in many respects. What I want you to look for in my tour is the Sky Bridge, which connects the northern and southern portions of the development, the views from one of the Sky Homes, and the courtyard. You’ll also get a glimpse of the larger than normal decks and patios, which is just one example of how hard Jon and his team worked to bring us an extraordinary example of what fine architects and developers can do with a downtown development.

I’ll give you another tour in a few weeks as the work moves along at The Walnut. You’ll get to see how the interior finish on some of the homes comes together, and you’ll also see the expansive courtyard come alive as we get into spring. I also want you to see the living roof when that’s done. Talk about green… wow… but the living roof won’t be ready until we get some warmer weather.

The use of a well-designed living courtyard, the Sky Bridge, and other unique architectural and design techniques are all about bringing a project to you that has very meaningful use of outdoor space, and very limited waste of common space.

In the meantime, watch what I have here for you, and let me know if you have a specific desire to know about a particular feature of The Walnut. This is just a taste of what’s coming. We’ll also explore more about the development’s LEED certification, and perhaps even some of the history of the location.

Some of the original building was not torn down, but instead, in combination with the deconstruction focus, structural elements were reused to continue with the sensitivity to green building issues and the environment.

If you’ve been in Boulder long enough, you might remember a restaurant called Michaels which was in a unique location for a fine-dining restaurant: the basement. That area is completely redesigned and updated, and part of it now provides private parking and storage for residents

If you’re thinking about buying or even just strongly curious, why not call or email me so you can get a private tour for yourself. There have been a few homes sold already, and while those are indeed a couple of the choice locations in the development, several outstanding homes are still available.

If you buy soon, you’ll likely be able to dictate design and finish details to your liking, or even possibly make some layout choices, but those kind of modifications will become difficult very quickly. The homes here will see completion in late January to early February 2009, and people are already planning on moving into their new Walnut homes in some units as early as February. One early buyer did actually add square footage to his Walnut home, and even managed to add in a very large private top-level patio, but that required a fairly early commitment to purchase, of course.

Call or email me if you’re ready, and I’ll arrange a private tour for you at your convenience. I’d love for you to see in person what homes at The Walnut have for you.

Call or email me now, so we can start talking about what’s important to you about the Boulder real estate market! I look forward to hearing from you.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional RE/MAX Realtor® and EcoBroker®

Boulder Real Estate For Sale 4753 Gibbs

If you’re looking for Boulder real estate for sale in a very quiet, and fairly undiscovered neighborhood, you deserve to see this home soon.

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And if searching for your dream home in Boulder has been your goal, this might be it!

It’s in a quiet neighborhood, on a beautiful tree-lined street, in a relatively undiscovered Boulder neighborhood.

With over 3300 square feet of space, a main floor master, and an extra large, 20′ x 11′  bonus loft, you’ll love how wonderfully the home works with your lifestyle, if you’re seeking a low maintenance lot that still has lots of mature landscaping and warmth.

The master bathroom and kitchen have been updated with new counters and fixtures. There’s a large back deck that’s right off the kitchen, dining and family room area, so entertaining is a breeze here.

There’s a total of 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and an unfinished basement so you have plenty of room to build that perfect media room, guest quarters, or bonus living space.

This is a very bright and sunny home. You’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot when you see the inside of this one!

Don’t miss the boat. Please call or email me now so we can get you inside this beautiful home before it’s sold and gone!


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