Rock Creek Neighborhood In Superior Colorado

Here’s a tour for you of the Rock Creek subdivision in Superior, Colorado. Many people have gravitated towards Rock Creek in Superior as their place to call home. I’ve met folks that say they like the master-planned community, the convenience of outstanding shopping and other amenities, proximity to jobs at Interlocken and soon ConocoPhillips, and of course the easy travel via Hwy 36 to Boulder and Denver.

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The town of Superior was originally founded in the late 1890’s and owes its roots to the coal mining industry.  For most of it’s recent history Superior remained home to about 250 people. It was a quiet town that most folks coming to and from Boulder on the turnpike knew of only because of the Superior/Marshal exit sign they would see approaching Davidson Mesa from the east.

Then in the late 1980’s a large portion of land which was part of Rock Creek Ranch was subdivided, eventually McCaslin road was widened going south from Marshal Road and homes began popping up.

Now the Rock Creek development, which consists of homes mostly built by Richmond American, and a few custom builders, makes up the bulk of what we now consider Superior, Colorado.

Over time, a commercial area known as Superior Marketplace came into being, and brought with it businesses like Target, Costco, Wild Oats (now Whole Foods), Sports Authority, and a selection of other retail businesses.

One of the benefits of  Rock Creek that keeps property values up and folks moving into the area is the careful planning and continued efforts of town officials to preserve the quality of life in Rock Creek. While there are some undetermined plans for the 135 or so acres along the turnpike (Hwy 36 between Denver and Boulder is often still called the Boulder Turnpike by locals), for the most part, Rock Creek is a fully developed and complete community.

Given that there isn’t a continuing supply of newly built homes, as long as demand stays strong from home buyers wanting to live in the area, the real estate market and home prices will remain strong, as they have for years.

The area includes about 2700 single family homes, approximately 1800 multi-family homes (condos and apartments), and altogether is home to about 12,000 people.

One of the big attractions for many people are the well-planned parks and open spaces, and especially the way these public lands are all so interconnected. There are almost 600 acres of parks, green spaces and open spaces in Superior, and almost 30 miles of trails. These trails connect parks such as Community Park on the South end of Rock Creek which is home to Williams Field, Purple Park on the north end of the community, and numerous pocket parks, greenbelts, tot lots and the schools and community pools.

If you want to explore your opportunities for living in Rock Creek, or are thinking about selling your home and want to talk more about your plans with me, call or email me today and we take it from there!

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Old North Boulder Neighborhood Profile

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The area between Broadway, Folsom, Iris, and Edgewood/Balsam streets is now commonly called the Old North Boulder neighborhood.

Prior to the time that land was developed beyond Norwood, this area was North Boulder. Now with development stretching to the far reaches of the Dakota Ridge neighborhood, the Old North Boulder neighborhood is really a very central residential opportunity.

I’ve spent many days exploring on foot, the roads and paths around central Boulder, and if you do the same you’ll come to realize just how close everything is in this part of town. It’s only a few blocks between local landmarks such as Vics and Ideal Market, over to Pearl Street, or up to Salberg Park.

The two sister shopping centers, Ideal Marketplace and Community Plaza are home to many local favorites. Ideal Market has a long history that spans well beyond the age of the current shopping center, and it became an anchor for the other shops back in 1958. The Community Plaza shops on the south side of Alpine were built just two years later in 1960.

Other businesses such as Alpine Barbers, Radda Restaurant, Breadworks, Marie’s Restaurant, The Boulder Wine Merchant, and the Pekoe Sip House give residents of the Old North Boulder neighborhood a plethora of opportunity for meeting most shopping needs without much travel. What a great concept in the days of higher gas prices and strong desires to conserve natural resources.

One of those local businesses that’s been thriving in the area, The Pekoe Sip House, has a decade long history in the area. It was originally founded as the Tea Train in Longmont. After many accolades, and eventually being voted as having the Best Tea, and being the Best Tea House in the Denver Metro area in 2000, Tea Train evolved into Pekoe Sip House and moved to Boulder under the new name in 2003.

Schools that service the area include Casey Middle school, Columbine Elementary and Centennial Middle school to the north. The former Washington Elementary school which is north of Cedar Ave, and just south of the Red Arrow Condos is now part of a redevelopment plan that’s been fairly controversial.

For those not wanting to drive, and seeking public transportation, RTD offers the Skip bus line which runs up and down Broadway. If biking is your thing, don’t risk your life jousting with cars on Broadway, try 13th street; it features its own bike lane straight into the heart of downtown.

If you’re considering a move, and want to explore more of what the Old North Boulder neighborhood has for you, call or email me today to get started!

Zachary Epps, GRI, ABR, REALTOR®, Eco-Broker®, full-time RE/MAX professional,

and author of the

Boulder Real Estate and Neighborhood Guide,

The Boulder Condo Guide, and The Home Buyer’s Handbook.

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Broomfield Home For Sale Is Outstanding Opportunity

This Broomfield Home on McKay Park Circle is in one of the most coveted locations (right across from the park), and something that you don’t want to miss.

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Superior Real Estate For Sale in Rock Creek Ranch

Here’s a great example of a home for sale in Superior, CO with plenty of room (over 2900 square feet), a finished walk-out basement, amazing views, and all the amenities and conveniences of Rock Creek.

Take a look at the tour below and see for yourself what this great home has for you. Better yet, call or email me today to get inside this home for your personal tour.

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This home in Rock Creek includes four bedrooms and has some great views of the mountains from the family room, kitchen, and especially the master bedroom.

The kitchen was recently updated with many excellent upgrades. Beautiful maple cabinets, granite counters and stainless steel appliances are the most obvious and highly demanded features you would expect to find.

There are also hardwood floors in the kitchen and family room, and there’s even an enlarged Trex deck just off the back of the kitchen. The new deck is large enough for a full-sized grill, and still plenty of room for a large table and chairs for family dining or entertaining. And, don’t forget the wonderful mountain views.

The back yard has lots of large trees, which offer plenty of privacy in the back yard. You’re just a few steps away from the Yarrow access to 27 miles of trails that connect hundreds of acres of parks, open space lands and recreation areas.

If you want to be close to the Hwy 36 Corridor, Flatiron Crossing Mall, and don’t want to pay the higher prices of Boulder real estate which don’t include all the benefits of a master-planned community like Rock Creek, you owe it to yourself to check out this house soon.

When you think it’s time to explore your needs with someone that really knows the area, call or email me today!

In case you’re wondering why I put together these tours, especially when it’s not one of my listings (that’s real estate jargon for who represents the sellers), I want you to know that it’s because I’m looking to build relationships with people just like you. Buyers need personal and professional representation.

You have a great tool here with tours like this to learn more about this home and many others. I want you to find the house that really fits your needs. I want you to have the most information possible, and I want you to have someone on your side, working as your advocate when you make such a large decision.

Whether you’re looking for a new home for yourself, or a great investment opportunity, homes like this in the Rock Creek neighborhood of Superior, CO might just fit the bill for you. Call or email me now to get more info or to set up your private, personal tour.

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Another Look At The Peloton Boulder

I thought you might like another look at The Peloton in Boulder.

There are some featured items and informational pieces in this video to help you understand more about the location and amenities here for you at The Peloton.

You’ve heard about The Peloton before, but I have some new stuff for you, and also more info about the location and surrounding shops, trails and benefits in this part of Boulder. The Peloton is Boulder real estate with a twist.
The ‘big fish’ concept is not a part of the current Peloton offering. This is a video we created in 2008, and it still gives you a look at what the Peloton is like so take a moment and enjoy the show.

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In this tour, I’m giving you a chance to see some other aspects of the location. What I’ve heard from some of you is that you wanted more info on what’s in the area. If you want to talk to me now, call or email me for more great info.

Since the Peloton is located at the former Excabyte location, the footprint stretches between 33rd and 38th. That means that it’s just steps away from the sunrise center where King Soopers, and many other local favorites are located.

Also, even though it sounds like three blocks, it’s only steps away to the 29th Street Mall. Since the Century Theater is on the eastern edge of Twenty Ninth, you just have a short stroll across the parking lot at King Soopers to get to the theater, unless of course you would rather sit in the private 22-seat theater in the Peloton community center!

There’s an RTD bus stop right on Arapahoe Road outside building C at The Peloton, and that means easy access to the RTD bus sytem for a quick trip downtown (that’s Boulder or Denver). You’ll like this part: all owners at The Peloton get an RTD Eco Pass. That means unlimited rides anywhere you want to go on the RTD system!

If biking is your thing, consider that The Peloton property is adjacent to the bicycle / pedestrian path so that means you can easily get right on the path (and off the roadway) to ride downtown, out east, or over to just about any part of the Boulder valley area via the interconnected bike path system.

Now here’s the cool thing; if you don’t have a bike, you can use one of The Peloton bikes. There’s a fleet of mountain bikes that come to you as part of the homeowner’s association. Just check one out for the afternoon, or the whole weekend, and go wherever you want. You can even take it out of town!

If driving is still your thing, that’s cool too. you’re about 30 seconds away from the foothills parkway for an easy run down to Denver via the Boulder Turnpike. Or it’s about 4 minutes to Pearl Street in downtown Boulder. And the best thing of all, your Peloton home comes with an underground parking space in a heated security garage. You didn’t think you were going to park that Aston Martin out on the street did you?

Oh, one more thing, you might also already know that The Peloton is home to the only year-round rooftop swimming pool. There are a few other projects around Boulder that include a pool, but nothing quite like this. If you’re looking for year ’round swimming, you’ll find a couple of older projects like Remington Post and Horizon West that have pools, but they’re indoors, and about 30 to 40 years old. Some smaller projects around town have outdoor pools too, but those aren’t projects that hold a candle to The Peloton and all the amenities you’ll find here.

If you want the full-meal deal, The Peloton rooftop is where you should be. It has two huge hot-tubs beautiful teak lounge chairs, built in gas grills, a poolside shower, outdoor gas fireplace and a radiant heated deck. It’s all part of the private community center housed in a 20,000 + sq ft security building.

Last, but not least, there’s something new in terms of floorplans here. It’s called “have it your way”. Nope, we’re not at Burger King, we’re at The Peloton, where you can get just about any configuration you want in a floorplan layout. Want to own the whole top floor of Building D ? … just ask! These guys want to accomodate your wildest ideas and make the home of your dreams come alive. Sounds to me like the sky’s the limit, if you have the right budget.

If you are ready to see The Peloton for yourself, call or email me now so that we can talk, and plan a date to get you a private tour. Let’s go in together so you have buyer’s agent (that’s me!) representation when you buy your next home from the great people at The Peloton in Boulder.

-Zachary Epps, full-time RE/MAX Professional and author of the Boulder Neighborhood Guide

Boulder Real Estate on South 35th Street

I found this Boulder real estate for sale in Martin Acres a pleasant surprise. It’s a home that doesn’t have a bunch of crazy changes but instead seems to have many of the great architectural features that the original architect intended, with a few modern enhancements.

I want you to see the video tour I did on this home.

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This home is light and airy feeling because it has large windows and skylights in most of the main rooms. The space between the living, dining and kitchen is very open and breathes with light and space.

Ok, sure that just sounded like some ad-speak, but it really was a very pleasant surprise.

In fact, the whole tour I did of Martin Acres and this home was a refreshing reminder of why people are gravitating back to this area.

Martin Park and the Martin acres neighborhood is full of big trees, quiet street and so many homes that seem to be in high demand.

This home in particular is a three bedroom, one bath with a couple of bonuses. It has a family room connecting the dining area to the garage, and off of the back of the family room is a three-season enclosed patio.

I think it’s worth taking a look, if you want a very affordable home in a well-established Boulder neighborhood.

his one is sold, and I’m sure there are more for you, so Call, text, or email me today!

-Zachary Epps, GRI, ABR, REALTOR®, Eco-Broker®, full-time RE/MAX professional, and author of

The Boulder Real Estate and Neighborhood Guide 

The Boulder Condo Guide 

The Home Buyer’s Handbook

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Boulder Condos: 1860 Walnut

This is a fantastic Downtown Boulder Condo.

If you’re looking at Boulder Condos and have a desire to be right where the action is, you deserve to see the inside of this beautiful town-house style condo just one block from Pearl Street.

I want you to see the tour below, and you really need to get inside for a private showing so call or email me soon!

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This is a  beautiful downtown Boulder condo just steps away from the famous Pearl Street Mall, Twenty Ninth Street shopping district, C.U. Boulder, Naropa University, and the Boulder Creek Trails.

It is has a gorgeously remodeled kitchen that includes a Bosch Stainless Steel dishwasher, a Frigidaire Stainless Steel Refrigerator, tile floors and much more!

The laundry is conveniently located adjacent to the kitchen and the washer and dryer are included!

There are gleaming wood floors in the living room with a real wood-burning fireplace which is more and more rare these days in the Boulder area. If you like the wonderful sound of a crackling real-wood fire, you’ll love this home.

This town-house also includes a balcony that has a southern exposure, and a view of the park. It’s a perfect  place for your morning coffee, and it’s roomy enough to grill some steaks and entertain friends since it’s right off the living room.

This particular unit also comes with a deeded parking space in the covered parking garage area on the south side of building. This means you won’t have snow/cold problems most winter days and it’s easy to park when you come home.

There are vaulted ceilings in the upper landing and south bedroom, plus a bonus loft so you’ll have a nifty study/work area!

With so much to offer, starting with a dynamite location, all the way through to a wonderful interior with logs of updates…

you owe it to yourself to call or email me today so you can take a look at this fabulous downtown Boulder condo today.