Boulder Real Estate For Sale At 1760 Oak

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An awesome property for sale in north Boulder at 1760 Oak. You can have this property for less than $1million, which is a very reasonable price for this home in this neighborhood. Enjoy the video, check out the details below, and if you want to see the inside and get a private showing, call me right away; this home won’t last much longer.

3316 Finish Square Feet

Five Bedrooms

Four Bathrooms (yep, I made a mistake on the video and said three!)

24 x 24 square foot rec room

Over-sized 14 foot wide 1 car garage plus lots of room for additional vehicles on drive and side of garage

Designed by Boulder architect Kyle Callahan

Interior by D. Marden Interior Design

If you’re not already working with a Realtor and want to see this home because you’re interested in buying in north Boulder, let me know right away. Sean at Walnut did a great job with this listing and I know you’ll appreciate the inside even more when you see it in person.

Call me right now at 303-520-0070… ok, if it’s the middle of the night, you can email me! click on the red circle with the question mark in it, or click the ‘contact’ button at the top of the page; either one will get you to a page so you can email me.


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