Boulder Condos

Here’s a look at some Boulder condos that, by my measure, deserve mention. In some cases you might find that I’ve given you links to additional information which may include previous posts I’ve done on a particular Boulder condo project under construction or perhaps one that complete and already beginning to see pre-owned units come back on the Boulder condos market for sale.

I’ll also usually give you a link over to the project’s website, if they have one, so you can see for yourself what they have to say about their own project. When researching Boulder condos, you might find other resources but none that really give you an honest look at the inside scoop. If you search for Boulder condos on google, you’ll get lots of websites that show you lists of property, but how many of them actually tell you something informative or interesting?

Here on my site, you get to see what I personally think about these various Boulder condos. Boulder has a fair number of projects but it’s often hard to find out what’s going on and get the straight scoop on what they’re doing. This is my effort to give you a personal look at them from more of a buyer’s view; or at least from what I’d consider a buyer’s agent view since that’s how I’d generally come at these condo projects with my clients.

Consider it a bit of advance reconnaissance to get an inside look at what they’re doing, how they treat buyers, buyer’s agents and perhaps even their current residents after they move in.

When possible I’ll pass along info about if they’re using Built Green or LEED certified building techniques or any other hot topic you’re interested in knowing. Below is a growing list of Boulder condo projects that I’ve become familiar with by personal experience through site visits, personal tours, showings with my buyers and during the process of a buyer’s experience through signing a purchase agreement to closing the sale.

For those details and insider information please follow the links to my posts or use the search tool above. On this page will be just a quick run-down on the very basics of each project so you know where to start exploring.

The Peloton Boulder

The Peloton Boulder is a 150 million dollar redevelopment project on the former Exabyte location at 33rd and Arapahoe Avenue.

With only six units left for sale, you don’t want to wait any longer to get a first hand look at The Peloton.

We’ll have more information, and an updated set of videos to profile The Peloton as it lives and breaths now as we enter the beginning of 2012!

In the meantime, you can watch two of our previous videos we produced in 2008. The most recent Peloton video I created in December 2008, gives you one view of where they were at that time, and the other video also comes with some useful information too. Don’t miss this first Peloton video, it gives you a great sense of the project, and most specifically exciting is Boulder’s only rooftop swimming pool, and year-round outdoor entertaining area with Flatirons views.

This is in the heart of the vibrant twenty-ninth area of Boulder.

At The Peloton Boulder, they’ve  achieved an all-encompassing experience.

With a mixed-use design which includes  a world-class community center, retail, restaurants, and very close proximity to boulder’s amenities such as trails, bus and the new Twenty Ninth shopping district.

As this area continues to become popular, and people both within the Boulder community and around the country consider a move, The Peloton seems to stand out on many levels.

The 6,000-square-foot community center features a state-of-the-art fitness center on one level, featuring cutting-edge cardio and weight-training equipment, a spinning and yoga studio and everything in between.

No need for you to spend the extra money on a fitness club membership, you have a better solution right here at home!

There’s also an amazing private movie theater, which is unrivaled in the Boulder community.

Here you can enjoy a film on high-definition DVD, or perhaps you’d rather watch your favorite sports team.

Or for that matter, reserve it for  whatever else you might enjoy on the huge ten-foot screen which boasts a high-definition projector.

The system includes surround sound of course, and you’ll have the best seat in the house without the hassle of leaving home.

Say goodbye to the hassle of standing in line on movie nights, and forget about the hassle of travel, it’s all right here a few steps from your door.


An ultra premium lounging area that rivals some of the finest living rooms I’ve seen with an outdoor viewing deck and indoor/outdoor fireplace is another big plus at The Peloton.

This wonderful area provides a cozy enclave for you and your guests to gather and relax.

On the same floor is a  spacious gaming room with multiple flat-panel televisions.

The game room is very special. It boasts a warm and luxurious environment which includes  a beautiful pool table, a shuffleboard table,  and card tables for your favorite poker buddies and you to gather and play.

As if that wasn’t enough, to top it off there’s also Boulder’s only rooftop pool.

This isn’t just a pool, but an entire rooftop entertaining area.

The rooftop includes facilities for entertaining including BBQ grills, a hot tub, firepit, a lounging area, and tremendous views…

all accessed by private elevator, and open year ’round!

If you want to see a previous update from the end of 2008, and while some of this information is dated, it gives you an excellent view, and a clearer understanding of some of the amenities at The Peloton which you will only find in Boulder at The Peloton, and nowhere else in town.

Having said that, I thought you might like another look at The Peloton in Boulder . You’ve heard about The Peloton before, and this is an update from December 2008, hear more info about the location and surrounding shops, trails and benefits in this part of Boulder. The Peloton is Boulder real estate with a twist.

But don’t wait! There are currently only six completed units left for sale, so call me today to get inside and see for yourself in person what a great option you have at the Peloton. Call me at 303-520-0070.





The Walnut Boulder

The Walnut Boulder was a new project that saw some strong building activity in early 2008.  In an increasingly popular location that I call the Pearl East section of Downtown Boulder. Of all the Boulder Condos under construction, or even already finished, I’m most interested in seeing how this one develops.

I think this project will be a startling difference in our choices of Boulder Condos given the way they’ve oriented the project around sustainable design, with a green building focus which includes LEED certification, and a very upscale, and well-thought-out architectural style. I’ll know more as they finish deconstruction of the office building on the site and get busy with construction. I have several posts on my blog on this project.

Goose Creek

To me, I can’t understand why anyone would want to live at Goose Creek. Then again, that’s why there are different colors in the palette right? While the location is pretty right on given it’s proximity to the anticipated transit village, Twenty Ninth street, Whole Foods, and the Boulder bike path circuit, I think the concept and design of the project itself is poor. Of all the Boulder condos recently built (last few years anyway) this feels the most like simply ‘apartment living’ and I think that’s a pity compared to what other developers have done with other projects in town.

Northfield Commons

The Northfield Commons project with builder Markel Homes located just north of the cemetery and west of the soccer fields, there’s a wide variety of home styles. This is firmly planted in my page of Boulder condos because even the single family homes (not attached to any other such as a ‘duplex’ or more) are actually sold as condos. That’s right, with this project you need to be clear that everything here is strictly a condo from what I’ve learned.

Other than that, Northfield Commons looks like a reasonably nice project that includes traditional condo units, townhouse style units and detached homes. Markel’s a great builder with some fine products around the Boulder area. Like many projects around town, there are a number of units being sold at below market rate through the City of Boulder Affordable Housing program.

Northfield Village

Markel homes is at it again. Here you have a new neighborhood tucked into the residential area at Jay Road and 47th Street in north Boulder.  Variety in architecture and home styles (single family to condo lofts) makes a place interesting, and gives it character, according the the folks at Northfield.

Northfield Village offers traditional, craftsman and contemporary residences, all built green to ensure a more comfortable, better built home.
I’ve always been a fan of the product Markel delivers, and I’m excited to see what they’re bringing us for 2010 in Northfield Village.


Dakota Ridge Village

The Dakota Ridge Village and the Dakota Neighborhood in Northwest Boulder has been a very popular area for buyers in Boulder and it’s one of the Boulder condos I like for a number of reasons. The project has some emphasis on sustainable design elements and the builder has a good reputation and a long history (about 30 years) in the Boulder community.

With a nice variety of architectural styles, close proximity to the foothills and associated trails, the Dakota Ridge Village is certainly a desirable and attractive community for many buyers. While there are only a few homes left, relatively speaking, it looks to be great product. With 2 bedroom, 1600 sq foot units averaging about $725,000, it’s not as affordable as some other projects but people looking at Dakota Ridge aren’t generally looking for affordable as much as location, and quality over all.


The Holiday neighborhood is very diverse and has been very popular ever since homes starting going up in that area. Located in North Boulder on the site of the old Holiday Drive In Theater, this area has been a great example of what many in Boulder have come to love in both Boulder condos and single family homes.

When buyers looking at Boulder were getting priced out of the market or when buyers looking for something new and contemporary when searching for Boulder condos or single family homes, the Holiday neighborhood seemed to give them just what they wanted.

You can’t miss this project if you drive north on 28th street past the Elks Lodge and the VFW as the original Holiday Drive-In sign is still standing. In fact, it was renovated in 2007 back to its original glory.

Boulder Steel Yards

The Boulder Steel Yards project was originally slated for a single Home Depot. That would have been a drag. While there are railroad tracks nearby because this really was a Steel Yard, this will now serve the residents well when the new light rail transit village gets done. To me, this is one is a really good example of another set of Boulder condos that do it right.

Steel Yards is now a very vibrant community, mixing residential, retail, office and light-industrial uses in 22 buildings. According to Coburn Development, “the project illustrates how a live-work neighborhood, with real architectural character, can replace the soul-less strip malls otherwise found on the fringes of our Cities”.

I tend to agree. I’ve shown many and sold in there as well and from what I’ve seen and heard people really love what’s been done with this project. The architectural style and interior finishes are really cool and the location is a great plus with the proximity to 29th st, Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Trails and the planned transit village.

Landmark Lofts

Landmark lofts has proven to be attractive to buyers looking for an investment that’s convenient to the University Of Colorado campus.

Many buyers have told me that they think it’s a little high-priced for a ‘student’ housing development. I’d say take a look if that’s the market you’re in, and see for yourself if you think the value is there relative to your lifestyle.

I think this project will roll towards the same direction that Spanish Towers eventually did: staring off perceived as high-end, ending up roughed up and full of CU students.

Uptown Broadway

Very cool example of what works. And if you’re thinking of renting, you’re in business! Uptown Broadway has some cool condos, but also apartment homes for rent.

Buyer’s looking at Boulder condos in the North part of Boulder will have to keep their eye out for pre-owned at Uptown Broadway. Enjoy proximity to Amante’ coffee and Lee Hill Drive if you’re a cyclist. Proto’s pizza, and many other attractive retail options abound.

Spanish Towers

Old school apartment homes that went condo years ago. Can you say 1960’s era ‘spanish’ styling gone to the dogs? If you’re into fame or name-dropping, you can try buying the penthouse unit that Robert Redford’s kid Jamie owned years ago when he went to C.U. here in Boulder.

If you’re not in college anymore, keep looking.

Water Street Condos

A small, 16 unit project in the core of the east end of downtown. You’ll occasionally see units for sale at this project which is known for its unique architectural detail of having very large decks.

The project was built in the very early 1980’s and only a couple of units have seen some decent remodeling so choose carefully. One unit, 1812 #204,  is fully remodeled to what I’d consider current standards, with quartz counters, new cabinets, tile, stainless appliances, etc. The Walnut Boulder is just a half block away.

The Flats Condos

Another new project in Boulder is The Flats Condos just east of C.U. campus.

I think this condo project will be another good possibility for students and parents smart enough to consider buying something rather than just renting. With lots of new condo choices in this area near the old First Christian Church, The Flats Condos could be the perfect addition to the mix.

With pricing coming in the mid $400’s for a 3 bedroom, 3 bath townhome, it will fit some budgets. Looks like there will be some lower priced models also since they’re intending to offer lofts and flats as well as the townhomes.

Park Gables

Park Gables is an exclusive enclave of just 13 condominium homes built at the foot of Flagstaff Mountain just steps away from Boulder Creek and Eben G. Fine park. While each is technically a condominium, these Boulder condos are unique homes with private personal outdoor space, attached over-sized garages, and very spacious and luxurious interiors. The high-end construction and outstandingly premier location make these very attractive for those people interested in being close to foothills, creek, biking and other centrally located outdoor action while still only moments away from downtown.

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