Before Your Appointment

Typically you’ll get a packet of information from me prior to our meeting to discuss selling your home. You’ll want to take some time to review this packet. It will cover much of the content in this seller’s section with some additional information.

If you take at least a cursory review of the info I give you, our meeting will be more productive and you’ll have a better understanding of how I’m different and the benefits that difference brings to you when I work for you to sell your Boulder real estate.

To make sure that we have all the important information about your home before our appointment, please fill out the Client Listing Worksheet, included in the pre-listing packet. We have learned that if all of the proper pieces of information are in our files, we can respond to buyers’ questions while the interest level is high.

This is the best way to empower me to work for you as your Boulder Realtor and professional real estate advisor.

Your Needs


Your Role

Tasks to Prepare For Market

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