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When selling your home, one of the hardest things to decide is the price. You’ve brought me in as the expert to sell your home and to help you price it so it will sell. As your Boulder Realtor, my goal is to get you the most money you can receive from that sale. In addition, I recognize that, for many reasons, you may already have a certain price in mind.
You may be considering…

Your Original Purchase Price

  • You probably paid market value. However, markets change, and we have to deal with current market conditions. If you inherited the property and paid nothing or it, would you sell it for next to nothing? Of course not. You’d price it at fair market value and sell it for what the market will bear.


  • Improvements should be made for enjoyment, not resale. You cannot add an improvement to a home, in your style, use it, and then expect a buyer to pay the original cost. Likewise, maintenance preserves the home’s value, but does not create value. If the house needed a new roof, it was required for maintenance and cannot be added to the market price when selling your home.

Your Need for Money

  • The need for money or the fact that you are moving to an area where homes are more expensive has nothing to do with the home’s current market value.

The Cost to Rebuild Your Home Today

  • Construction cost does not take into account market value.

Your Personal Attachment to the Property

  • The factors listed above may influence the price you have in mind, but as you can see, they really have nothing to do with the actual value of your home in today’s market. I have heard these comments from sellers:

“Another agent said it was worth more.”
“People always offer less than the asking price.”
“The buyers can always make an offer.”
“My neighbor was able to get his price.”
“My house is better than these other homes.”
“We paid more than that for our home.”
“We just painted and added new carpet.”
“I need this much money for our next house.”

Though some of these comments may be true, they are not necessarily valid when deciding on the right price. As your Boulder Realtor, I want you to understand the truth and the facts about these issues.

Your Needs


Your Role

Tasks to Prepare For Market

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